The primary clinical objective of Perinatal Ireland is to improve women's and children's health through the use of advanced ultrasound technologies.

  • intrauterine growth restriction, (IUGR),
  • discordant growth in twins,
  • prevention of stillbirth,
  • prediction of preterm labour
  • telemedicine. See our research page for more information.

Each of the 7 Perinatal Ireland clinical centres has its own dedicated research set-up, comprising imaging equipment (a GE Kretz Voluson V730 Expert Imaging Platforms, with 2D, 3D and 4D capabilities) combined with GE's Viewpoint database and image analysis software.

Additionally, each site also has a research ultrasonographer, to carry out the scanning activities for the research studies.

Allied with this, a Programme Manager provides a central management and co-ordination of all activities.

The consortium has developed a unique centralised data consolidation network, linking each of the 7 centres. This provides a unique resource for Perinatal Ireland.